Straight Tuck End Boxes UK

What are you looking for? If you’re watching custom packaging boxes. Then you’re within the right place. We are providing high-quality design and printing custom packaging boxes at your custom demand. The straight tuck end boxes are incredible boxes for custom packaging of products that need a basic display board with relatively large window panels. The straight box may be a nice box. The folds that close at the rear cover the proper edges at both ends of the front and are effectively concealed. 
Straight tuck end boxes also are avoided and minimize the proximity of any item between the tuck and window panel, which may be created by applying an inverted tuck style to the box. These custom straight tuck end boxes are often collected manually and with the assistance of the packaging machinery. they’re easy to assemble and save time. These straight tuck end boxes are very useful for packaging heavy items. we’ve high-quality printing and designing for these boxes. These boxes are very easy to assemble. 
We offer free straight box design for your custom packaging brand. we provide a free straight tuck end box template that you simply want. We also offer logo design services. We print your unique custom logo at the custom packaging boxes. we provide error-free design. we provide free shipping at the doorstep .

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